Monday, July 26, 2010

Pictures From Outside

The front door. Was there a plate on there? Though the contractor says it's not the original door.

Ceiling light at entry.

Front steps.

Brick at front door.

Fixture at back door by kitchen.

Some kind of storage thingy. But what's above it? Another picture from the top is below.

Looking across front yard, from just east of the front of the garage.

Love it, love it, LOVE IT!

Can you believe the railing?!

Corner of master bedroom by patio.

Any ideas what this is?

North side of house.

Backyard: Lots of Dogwoods!

The back door.

View of Lake Blalock.

Ready to go rowing?

A view of the lake.

The bridge over the dam.

Pictures of Den

From the den into the foyer on the right, the living room on the left.

The fireplace looks worse in photos than in real life. The roofer deems only a flashing repair necessary.

Was the original purpose of that hole for a TV? Where am I going to find a square TV? (She who abhors the TV-Over-the-Fireplace trend these days.)

That doorway goes to two bedrooms. That's the master on the right, with the slider.

Looking to the east, toward the kitchen.

The built ins.
Original thermostat. (A newer one is around the corner.)

The built ins at the west end of the den.

Faded paneling. A clock?

Pictures of Living Room/Dining Room

The living room end of the LR/DR. The foyer is ahead; the den to the right. That square on the wall appears to have served as a dart board by recent occupants. My camera and paint chips, etc. on the floor.

About the middle of the dining room/living room, looking toward the front of the house. The foyer is to the right. I have moved to the left to take this.)

Looking from the kitchen to the front of the house, into the dining room.

The light fixture on the DR end of the room.

A clue as to the original paint color. The den side of the panels are stained.

One of three sets of sliding panels that separate the foyer and LR/DR and Den.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

"PENDING!" Yes, pending inspection! That means me!

"Traditional" ranch? I think not!

These are the photos from the real estate listing.
In some listings it was designated a 3/2; others 4/3. Turns out there is a bedroom and full bath downstairs as well as a large room with a new wet bar/fridge, so the latter is correct.

Friday, July 16, 2010

A Hidden Gem

What a find! The butterfly roof is a signature element of mid-century house design. This beauty is hidden away in north Georgia.

  • A butterfly roof is formed by two adjacent gables sloping inward toward the middle, so that they dip to create a central valley. The eaves on the exterior of the roof are atypical to most roof designs because they angle upward rather than downward, which is normal in most traditional housing. The design of a butterfly roof is meant to resemble the lines, angles and wingspan of a butterfly when they are flapping in an upward motion. Butterfly roofs can be of varied angle gradations and may not be of identical length or angle on each gable. Some butterfly roofs, in fact, may only have one gable that slopes in either direction.

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