Sunday, August 29, 2010

Week #3

Ben replaced the rotted beams, above and below. Now William and Robert are running the electricity, including low voltage.

And here's the new beam on the other side of the kitchen.

The cabinet layout is drawn on the floor, with details for William noted on the walls.

I'm going to put a new flat screen right above the period Nutone.

How do you get a wall sconce wired? Holes in the drywall.

My temporary kitchen light. Lovely!

James waterproofed the back patio.

Evidently there was a third post on the back patio originally, between the two that are there now. Upon its discovery we toyed with the idea of adding a third post. Nope, wouldn't match. Or an outlet.
Then I thought how about low lighting, much like landscape lighting. Kenny called William out who agreed it's a good idea, doable, and we could in fact run three of them between the existing posts. What a great opportunity!

It's to the point that I don't see the current state of the kitchen. All I see are those lovely new cabinets, the lighting, the glassy countertops, the cork floor...

Friday, August 27, 2010

Kitchen layout

This isn't fine-tuned. An appliance garage-like opeong will be counter height to the left of the ovens for charging phones, stowing mail. etc. To hide the necessary stuff!
below the TV is the the existing Nutone whole house system. Old and new LOL!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

End of Week#2

I moved in such as it was the 19th. The moon watch begins.

The new beam is gorgeous!

Oh, and well, water travels down hill, so since the butterfly roof tips down from the fireplace Kenny winced and suggested we take a peek at the wall on the other side of the kitchen to see if the beam was okay. NOT!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Week #2

The mortar in the patio has deteriorated and has sunk, contributing to the water issue in the crawl space. So up came the rock on the patio, and the mortar down to the sound concrete.

Yup, there was a leak in the sink or dishwasher at one point.

Flooring by the back ktichen door.

A temporary wall holding up the ceiling and roof while Ben and Luke replace the rotted beam on the fireplace side of the kitchen.

Aha! Original kitchen flooring!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

End of Week One

Closing in the crawl space.

Mold eradicated and the cause eliminated, time to replace the sheetrock in the basement/TV taping room.

Kitchen demolition.

Ahem! First surprise. Well, not really. Rotted bean due to failed roof in the past. Never dealt with. No time like the present!

Soffits all coming out.

From the laundry/pantry into the kitchen.

Framed in for the washer and dryer. (Plumber was here!)

Kitchen demo begins.

The first for sure sign of the trouble in the beam above.

The cabinets were constructed on site, so they couldn't be saved to be used in the pantry. Just one base cabinet that will be my laundry sink.