Thursday, August 12, 2010

More Week One!

My Mom just about had a heart attack that I had the two Burford Hollies yanked from in front of the front steps. But after the shock, she realized that they were hiding the railing and totally obscured the architecture of the front porch.

In late winter I can cut the remaining Burfords way back and they will fill out and be maintainable below the windows to complement the house.

The Cerissas will be trimmed back shortly. One thing at a time...

Thar's steps in that thar retaining wall! Thank you Ben!

This is where the wall was between the two rooms back of the garage. We have heat and air, thanks to a very nice man who crawled into the crawl space.

Ben, Luke, Kenny. Hottest summer ever. Only about 94 degrees this day.

Ben and Luke started on the crawl space partition.

The mold issue was adressed first off. Both from outside with the regrading, and inside with removal of affected drywall, they spraying of it.

Laundry/pantry again. No wall makes a nice space! (Viewed from the kitchen.)

Master bathroom. Ugho. But not for long.

Getting that grout out.

Wood delivery is so exciting. This for the retaining wall.

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