Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 1: Renovations Are Underway!

Bright and early Monday morning the driveway is full of trucks. Which means work on the house is underway!

First up is the drainage issue in the back yard. Over time dirt has washed down from the rise to the house, directing water to the foundation. How do you spell "mold"? Surprisingly for a house this age, it's not a big deal, so easily addressed.

I am not crying over the destruction of the grass!

Meanwhile William is busy with the electric. He put up new outside lights (where's my picture?) and two lights like this in the soon-to-be heated and aired laundry room/pantry.

It's not going to look like this for long. That back wall will be busted out to make it deeper, all the way across the back of the garage.


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